Since 2009 we have a service station where we produce Volvo paints on spray cans which you probably know already.

We can offer a wide range paints and alternatives to the orginal paint for both Volvo and Ford Mustang. Our paint are not water based, just like the original ones.

Our paints are available as 2-K in cans for painting whit spray gun as well as 1-K spray cans for minor works. You will find your paint code on the ID-tag on the firewall of your car.

Below you’ll find a selection of what we offer. To review the complete list of available paints, please navigate on the menu to the left.

Selection from Enamel

Click on each category to see a complete selection.
Enamel 7 grey Liter
Article no: 000691
1200 kr
1-3 days
Enamel 7 grey Spray
Article no: 000690
275 kr
1-3 days
Enamel 8 Wine red Liter
Article no: 000693
1438 kr
1-3 days
Enamel 8 Wine red Spray
Article no: 000692
275 kr
1-3 days
Enamel Clear, spray 400ml
Article no: 282193
98 kr
1-3 days
Enamel Code 69 White Volvo P1800, 5035
Article no: 000777
1500 kr
12-16 weeks
Hood stencil Mach 1 69
Article no: 420-ST
675 kr
1-3 days
Hood stencil Mach 1 70, 351
Article no: 811-351-ST
688 kr
1-3 days
Lack 142 Dark green spray
Article no: 1129204
275 kr
7-14 days
Thinner XB383, system 500HB, 6000, 600
Article no: 279065
270 kr
1-3 days