General Motors

GM counts along with Ford and Chrysler to the big three Detroit manufacturers. During the 1950s, GM had its prime years with a dominance of the US market and sales success in Europe with the Opel and Vauxhall along with their American brands. Cadillac became the worldwide symbol of GM's success. (Source: Wikipedia)

We provide many parts for the Chevrolet Camaro, a car that was launched in 1966 and which was GM's answer to Ford Mustangs sales success.We have a partnership with the Swedish Camaro Club and expand our product range for the Camaro continuously.

Selection from General Motors

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Bumper Camaro 69 front High Quality
Article no: 3927422-HQ
2525 kr
1-3 days
Door Panel Cup Camaro 68-69 Black
Article no: OER-K179
510 kr
1-3 days
Door shell 68 Camaro/F-bird RH
Article no: GM1662692
4871 kr
1-3 days
Floor panel Camaro/F-bird 70-74 LH
Article no: C2078L
2035 kr
1-3 days
Fuel tank Chevy II/Nova 62-67
Article no: GM41A
1755 kr
1-3 days
Shock absorber KYB Excel G
Article no: 343132
455 kr
1-3 days
Transmission mounting GM PU 3.1108G
Article no: 31108G
435 kr
1-3 days
Water pump GM SB 69-76
Article no: GM43101
765 kr
Stock item N/A
Wheel cylinder GM 64-96 rear
Article no: GM37024
221 kr
1-3 days