Piston kit w.rings B20 Race/0,5 higher in the group Volvo / Engines Volvo / Volvo B20 / Crankshaft B20 -1973 at VP Autoparts Inc. (270010)
Piston kit w.rings B20 Race/0,5 higher

Piston kit w.rings B20 Race/0,5 higher

Part no: 270010
14-30 days
$ 849
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  • Information

    Fits year model 1969-73.

    Here you can watch a Volvo 164 equipped with our new racing pistons during Midnattsolsrally in Sweden.
    Congratulations Tom Damberg to your victory in 2012 Midnattsolsrallyt with our pistons!

    Item GBD334400SC is well suited for honing. See more info below.

    CP Pistons Cylinder Honing Recommendation (for CPN & CPN2)
    For use with CP's CPN and CPN2 piston rings, we recommend plateau
    honing with a cylinder bore cross hatch angle of 35-40°.

    To reach this roughness, the manufacturers of honing machines and accessories
    recommend using for a gray cast iron engine block, and Nikasil cylinders:

    - Conventional stones #220 - #280 grit or
    - Diamond stones # 325 - #550 grit

    After honing, with either conventional or diamond stone, the same
    manufacturers suggest to finish your honing by smoothing the surface
    with a fine grit conventional abraisive (#400 - #600 grit) or to sweep the
    bores with a flexible brush or a nylon bristle plateau honing tool. This is
    necessary to get rid of jagged peaks and folded or torn material.

    Be sure to confirm with your honing equiment manufacturer that the recommended
    stone grit will produce the following Rz and Ra roughness recommendations:

    Rz = 59 - 138 µ in (=1.5 - 3.5 µm) or
    Ra = 15 - 35 µ in (=0.4 - 0.9 µ m)
    Recommendations for installation.
    Further recommendations.

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