Engine Volvo 140/164

VP Autoparts provides a large selection of engine parts for classic Volvo.
There are a lot of parts for original engines as well as for racing. Volvo 140/164 originally had B18, B20 or B30 engines.

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Gasket kit Engine B18
Part no: 275494
$ 99.44
In stock
Gasket kit Engine B18 - ELRING
Part no: 275494-EL
$ 108.33
Made to order
Decarbonizing kit B30E/F 72-75
Part no: 275562
$ 148.78
In stock
Main bearing kit B30 69- standard
Part no: 271217
$ 47.20
In stock
Camshaft kit Volvo B30 profile K
Part no: 430014
$ 208.95
In stock
Valve cover kit B18/B20
Part no: 418862-SET
$ 50
14-30 days
Engine mount 140 heavy duty/164
Part no: 1206612
$ 13.95
In stock
Oil filter B18/B20 62-98
Part no: 3517857
$ 16.11
In stock
No longer available