Auto body sealer Front fender grey 3m in the group Volvo / Volvo 240/Volvo 260 / Body / Body sides/Roof / Miscellaneous Body Sides 240/260 at VP Autoparts AB (255)
Auto body sealer Front fender grey 3m

Auto body sealer Front fender grey 3m

Article no: 255
1-3 days
135 kr
  • Information
  • Information

    Efficient flexible sealing strips for body parts. Seals against moisture, dust, etc.
    Over Paintable with most paints. The surface must be free from grease and dirt as well as dry.

    * Cut the length needed and leave the protective film in place.
    * Sealing tape is applied with the foil up.
    * Press the foil so that the mass takes form after the surface. Then remove the foil.

    Length: 3 meter
    Width: 18 mm
    Th.: 1,8 mm
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