Camshaft B18/B20 Grind R in the group Volvo / Engines Volvo / Volvo B20 / Valve mechanism B20E/F at VP Autoparts Inc. (1218582)
Camshaft B18/B20 Grind R

Camshaft B18/B20 Grind R

Part no: 1218582
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  • Information

    Recomended tightening torque camshaft nut, 8 Kgm. (58 Lb.ft.)
    Use a folding washer or Loctite to lock the camshaft nut.
    Race cam shaft.
    Usually used with Twin Carbs.
    Lobeseparation: 101°
    Duration SAE.
    Intake: 283°. Exhaust: 283°.
    Intake: 11,43 mm. Exhaust: 11,43 mm.
    Valve lash.
    Intake: 0,43 mm. Exhaust: 0,43 mm.
    Unit: pc(s)
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