Copper grease 500gr in the group Volvo / 140/164 / Brake system / Master brake cylinder/brake line / Hydraulic brake lines 140 B20A/B 71-74 at VP Autoparts Inc. (239)
Copper grease 500gr

Copper grease 500gr

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    Usage: Copper grease is recommended for lubrication of taps, threaded fasteners, manifolds, battery clamps, wheel nuts and the back of brake pads in order to prevent from torsion and to avoid friction. Removing the seals and threaded components is simplified, even if they have been exposed to high temperatures, corrosive conditions or high loads over a long period.

    Temperature range: -30 - +1100 Copper grease provides long term protection against corrosion as well as harmful, external chemical reactions. It is not washed away by (salty) water. Copper grease smoothes the surface to prevent metal to metal contact when tightening bolts.
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