Primer for welding 250ml in the group Volvo / 940/960 / Miscellaneous / Wax/glue/fluids / Miscellaneous 900 at VP Autoparts Inc. (1161816)
Primer for welding 250ml
Primer for welding 250ml

Primer for welding 250ml

Part no: 1161816
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  • Information

    An air-drying primer for painting on iron and sheet material. Drying time 5 minutes. The product is used as one-layer paint primarily on welded joints where it gives excellent rust protection in the gap between the panels.

    Not suitable as a primer under other paint. The paint is able to conduct electricity, which faciliates welding.The primer can be welded both wet and dry without affecting the protextive properties.

    Remove grease and oil thoroughly before painting, abd the painting surface must be dry.
    The best results are obtained on blasted surfaces.

    This part replaces part no 31385366
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