Rod bearing kit Volvo B18/20-73 STD in the group Volvo / Engines Volvo / Volvo B20 / Crankshaft B20 -1973 at VP Autoparts Inc. (271051-3M)
Rod bearing kit Volvo B18/20-73 STD

Rod bearing kit Volvo B18/20-73 STD

Part no: 271051-3M
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  • Information

    Material information:
    3M is short for Tri-metal, an old type of bearing with lead components.
    This type is widely superseeded by more modern materials; aluminum, or aluminum/silicone.
    All B4 and B16 bearings on the market today are made from aluminum,
    which is environmentally better than lead.
    The advantage to the old material is the way it absorbs pollution, and also its slight self-lubricating capacity if oil supply is low.
    VP strongly recommends aluminum bearings for any driving but competitive racing.
    All modern vehicles are equipped with aluminum bearings.
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