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Safety belt Front seat 3-point/1800

Safety belt Front seat 3-point/1800

Part no: 1048795
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    47 mm wide, black
    Must be installed on C/D pillar

    Example of installation in a Volvo P1800:

    Click on the photo for an enlargement!

    This particular installation is made with a metal strap (visible to the left of the roll) with the nut from the original assembly re-used. The roll itself is mounted at an angle, but there is no internal locking system that prevents the unit from functioning. No need for drilling any extra mounting holes.

    Coupe safety belt, can be mounted for example at the C-Pillar of the Volvo P1800 model.
    Complete automatic seat belt for a seat in very old cars that have attachments laterally in the transmission tunnel!
    Enclosed screws fit for standard belt thread. In old vehicles another thread can be used.


    Due to a new EU standard the manufacturer is no longer able to make seat belts that roll up in every position.
    In order to use the strap the complete ball mechanism which is found on the side of the blocking mechanism
    (under the elongated plastic cover) must be removed. It is simply clipped into the base plate.
    The actual blocking mechanism of the belt remains completely untouched.
    The belt is now working again in any position.
    After installation, the function should be checked.
    Unit: pc(s)
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