Shock absorber 123 GT/1800 front GAS in the group Volvo / 1800 / Front suspension / Front suspension / Shock absorber and Coil spring P1800 at VP Autoparts Inc. (276552GR2)
Shock absorber 123 GT/1800 front GAS

Shock absorber 123 GT/1800 front GAS

Part no: 276552GR2
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  • Information

    Shock absorber KYB gas
    Total length min/max 345/485mm

    A gas shock absorber eliminates weaknesses experienced with oil shocks.
    Originally developed for racing, but nowadays gas shocks are used for regular driving.
    KYB Gas-A-just.
    An upgrade compared to oil shocks, but still a comfortable ride.

    Oil or gas?
    In the Youtube video below Dan will explain the difference between shock absorbers in oil and gas.
    (The video is in swedish but english subtitles are available)

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