Spacer Brake caliper 1800/140/164 in the group Volvo / 140/164 / Brake system / Brakes front / Front wheel brake 140/164 Girling at VP Autoparts Inc. (682309)
Spacer Brake caliper 1800/140/164

Spacer Brake caliper 1800/140/164

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  • Information

    Volvo P1800ES
    Volvo 140
    Volvo 164 Ch -52789

    Spacer Shim 0,2" thick for mounting the front Girling Brake calipers. Can be used double as a replacement for the 0,4" Shim (Volvo 682310).With the Spacer Shim the Brake caliper is centered to the brake disc. Factoy tolerances of the Steering Swivel and Brake calipers can be compensated.The exact centering of the Brake caliper and the Brake disc is crucial for the Brake function. A wrong centering can cause long pedal ways or overheating.
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