Volvo 140/Volvo 164

Volvo presented the 140 series in 1966 in several cities at the same time. Its "boxy" shape and with a significantly focus on safety Volvo took a huge step to create a more modern Volvo. In 1968 the luxurious version 164 came out on the market. This car was equipped with the B30 engine as well as a more upscale interior. The 140 was produces until 1974 and the 164 till 1975.

We offer a great number of products for the 140 and the 164 model. Have a look at our selection of body parts for the 140 or the interior for the 164 for example.

Selection from Volvo 140/Volvo 164

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Copper Washer
Article no: 11992
8 kr
1-3 days
Lens Side marker 140/164 70/72 US
Article no: 682773
134 kr
1-3 days
Oil Carburettor SU/Zenith
Article no: 1129629
115 kr
1-3 days
Retainer Ignition coil
Article no: 1219099
95 kr
1-4 days
Retainer SU B18B/D B20B
Article no: 418561
39 kr
1-3 days
Volvo Hog ring kit 55pc/kit
Article no: 000305
37 kr
1-3 days