Renovation of Volvo carburetors  

Renovating carburetors can be difficult. Each carburettor is unique and how it should be renovated depends on what type it is and how worn it is. Avoid the hassle by letting us help you! We offer renovation of your Volvo carburettor, made by an expert with many years experience and with quality parts. 

Since carburetors are difficult to produce, in most cases we need to use your old one as a frame. Contact us before sending your old one if you are unsure whether it is possible to renovate it or not. 

Good to know when sending us your carburetor for renovation

Make sure the choke control as well as its mounts are included. For carburetors of the type VN36, the holder for the vacuum hose should be included.

Carburetors that have damaged threads at the fuel connection are difficult/impossible to renovate (VIG30, VN34).