Made by VP Autoparts

Made by VP stands for something that unique as Swedish made auto parts of today. We’ve always taken a lot of pride in our own production and the unit has always been a big puzzle piece in our ambition to be on top of the market. For us it is crucial to keep the knowledge and competence here in a time where a lot of productions are moving abroad.

We are talking about top quality parts produced mainly at our facility in Fristad, Sweden. Interiors for example where we’ve spent a lot of time finding the correct cloth, vinyl and leather with the obvious purpose to be able to offer reproductions as close to the original equipment as possible.

We are also manufacturing ignition and battery cables, gaskets and so on and we are always on the look for expanding the inventory in any way possible. Since 2009 we have also a service station where we can fill up spray cans with Volvo and Ford paints. You will find more about the interior when clicking here.

VP Tooling

VP Tooling embraces the parts made by our own tooling or exclusively for us according to our specs.

Great parts for both classic Volvos as well as for American cars and the productions are to be found in Sweden and Europe but also outside our borders. We are proud of the productions where we’ve been involved in and look for the grey “VP Tooling logo” as a sign for recognition and quality!

To mention a few of the parts which are part of the VP tooling concept take a look at the rear floor pan for the P1800, 2,5” exhaust system for Ford Mustang or why not rubber seals for the 140 and 240 series. We have the width but also the expertise!

Product development and making new parts available are essential to us and we are always welcoming tips and ideas for parts that for various reasons are not available on the market at the moment.