Removal of wheel bolts

Sometimes we get asked about the best way to remove wheel bolts without destroying the brake drum.

Therefore we present to you the right way for Volvo owners to remove these wheel bolts.

Initially, however, we will point out that removing the wheel bolts from the brake drum means a renovation of the brake drum with us is not possible anymore. So if you want to buy remanufactured brake drums with us, do not remove the wheel bolts!

In all other cases, this is how to remove the wheel nuts from your brake drum:

The wheel bolts have a "block point" on the side towards the brake drum on the outside (see picture).
This block point makes it impossible to beat in the wheel bolts without causing damage to the brake drum.


There are two variants how to remove the wheel bolt, we will describe the easiest:

1. Remove the brake drum

2. Cut off the wheel bolt lug on the inside (see picture above, the head should be cut carefully as the red arrow shows)

3. Take out the wheel bolts carefully

4. Ready! And without damaging the brake drum