Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.CERAMIC in the group Volvo / 1800 / Brake system / Brakes front / Front wheel brake 1800 B18 2 circ USA at VP Autoparts Inc. (270987C)
Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.CERAMIC

Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.CERAMIC

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    Creamic pads

    + Quieter than semi-metallic pads - emit noises that are above the range of human hearing
    + Produce finer, lighter-colored brake dust which does not stick to wheels
    + Longer lifespan than organic or semi-metallic pads
    + Do not wear as much on the rotors as the other pads do
    + Stable under a wide range of temperatures for consistent performance

    - Typically the most expensive type of brands
    - Do not produce as much cold bite as semi-metallic pads - may not be ideal in extremely cold climates
    - Do not absorb heat as well as semi-metallic pads which can increase brake system temperatures
    - Good all-around braking characteristics but were never designed as heavy duty/racing brake pads

    Not sure which brake pads you should choose?
    In this Youtube video Dan explains the difference between different types of brake pads.
    (The video is in Swedish but has english subtitles)

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