Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.LOW-METAL in the group Volvo / 1800 / Brake system / Brakes front / Front wheel brake P1800 B18 2 Circ USA at VP Autoparts Inc. (270987LM)
Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.LOW-METAL

Brake pads Amazon/1800 1-circ.LOW-METAL

Part no: 270987LM
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  • Information

    Low metallic. Between 10-30% metal
    + Produce less dust than metallic pads
    + Dramatically increased braking performance over organic pads
    + Have a much wider operating range (temperature)
    + Low compressibility - will provide a firmer brake pedal feel

    - Tend to be noisier than organic or ceramic pads
    - Produce more brake dust

    Not sure which brake pads you should choose?
    In this Youtube video Dan explains the difference between different types of brake pads.
    (The video is in Swedish but has english subtitles)

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