Enamel 17-704 Yellow BM Spray in the group Accessories / Paint/Glue / Miscellaneous Paint at VP Autoparts Inc. (000694)
Enamel 17-704 Yellow BM Spray

Enamel 17-704 Yellow BM Spray

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  • Information

    NOTE! One-component spray can paint is NOT well suited for door tracks and other areas where rubber seals adhere.
    Glues/chemicals may dissolve the paint.

    This product is intended to use as touch-up on "open" surfaces only.
    A two-component product can not be applied on top a one-component.

    Drying time varies between different cans.
    These are touch-ups, and will never get a hardened surface.
    Use in well vented areas, and in temperature of at least 20°C (68°F).
    We recommend avoiding washing/polishing for at least 4 weeks - preferrably 8 - for one- as well as two-component paints.
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