Rubber seal Trunk 120/130 in the group Volvo / Volvo Amazon/122 / Body / Window glass / Rubber seals / Gaskets and seals Amazon 2d/4d at VP Autoparts Inc. (671687)
Rubber seal Trunk 120/130

Rubber seal Trunk 120/130

Part no: 671687
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  • Information

    Fits the following models:
    Opel Kapitän
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    Bostik glue 292 x 1pc
    Our weatherstrips are made of EPDM rubber which is the most weather resistant rubber.
    This polymer has a very poor adhesion to regular yellow (nitrile based) contact glues.
    We recommend a special black contact glue called Bostik 292.

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    Weight: 0,731000 kg
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