Volvo 1800

Volvo started to sell the P1800 in 1961 and the model was at that time produced in England. This was Volvo’s first sport car that really hit the market. One of the reasons for its success may have been the models contribution in the famous TV show “The Saint”. The production was moved to Sweden after a couple of years and in 1972 Volvo made a combi version of the car, the P1800ES. They quit the production of the P1800 series in 1973.

We have a huge selection of items for the P1800, e.g. everything from disc brakes, which the P1800 was early with, to fuel injection parts that came with the E model in 1970.

Selection from Volvo 1800

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Brake fluid Silicon
Article no: 230
395 kr
1-3 days
Carpet kit Volvo 1800E 1972 brown
Article no: 000365
3795 kr
10-12 weeks
Carpet kit Volvo P1800 greybeige RHD w
Article no: 277300RHD
3305 kr
10-12 weeks
Glue for rubber profiles
Article no: 292
200 kr
1-3 days
Grommet Body rubber
Article no: 40136
18 kr
1-3 days
Padding Wheel house
Article no: 000349
90 kr
1-3 days
Sleeve for upholstery installation
Article no: 000306
20 kr
1-3 days
Volvo Hog ring kit 55pc/kit
Article no: 000305
37 kr
1-3 days
Wiper arm 1800ES 1973 stainless
Article no: 1213266
320 kr
1-4 days
Workshop manual Suspension/shock absorbe
Article no: 10098
25 kr
1-3 days