Safety belt installation (1006805/1048794) 

Safety belt Front seat 3-point black
Part no: 1006805
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Belt fastener
Part no: 1045272
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Since several of our customers have encountered problems when installing these seat belts, we have compiled some tips that could help. In addition, the installation may differ slightly in different cars.


These belts will not fit the earliest models with 2-point
mounts on the upper B-pillar. There must be a hole with a diameter of approximately 11 mm. In addition, it may be necessary to make attachment points in the middle of the tunnel, alternatively in the rear wheel housing. For example, you can weld item #1017353 in place. 

On most car models, the seat belt can be fitted with the screws included in the kit. However, should the screws not match the threads that are already there, you can simply reuse the old screws from the static belts.

Due to the new EU standard, the manufacturer can no longer make belts that can be pulled up in all positions. To use the belt, the entire ball bearing must be removed while the locking mechanism itself is left untouched. If you are unsure, get help from someone who has installed belts before.

P1800 S/E 

We got advice from a customer on how you could install the safety belt in P1800 S/E together with belt fastener #1045272:

  • Remove the ball and its socket from the roll (instructions above). 
  • Cut the bracket for the b-pillar off the belt. 
  • Use the spacer sleeve for the bracket under the roll to screw the belt roll onto the C-pillar.
Pictures from the customer:

Watch us install a safety belt in our Amazon/122! 

Watch us install a safety belt in our Amazon/122!