Brake discs / brake pads / calipers

Time for a brake overhaul?
The brake system is one of the most important safety devices on your car. Therefore, it requires regular inspections and service. For example, make sure to replace worn brake pads before they cause damage to other parts of the brake system.

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Brake pads ATE rear
Part no: 270166
$ 16.56
In stock
Brake pads Amazon/1800 ch- 6999
Part no: 275819
$ 216.67
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Brake disc 1800 front chnr 30001-
Part no: 270733OE
$ 147.78
Special order
Brake disc 240 75-87 front
Part no: 270737
$ 34.60
In stock
Caliper 164 1975 ATE LHR
Part no: 1207419
$ 108.33
In stock
Caliper 164 1975 ATE RHR
Part no: 1207420
$ 89.67
In stock
No longer available